About Us

We represent the highest quality of organic growth products on the market!

Located on beautiful Mobile Bay, Alabama, with partners across the US and a strong environmental presence, we apply age old growing methods dove-tailed with perfect techniques to allow folks an effective way to grow naturally and sustainably. Decades of high quality controls ranging from location, feedstock, water sources, feed sources, environmental surroundings, composting techniques, storage, and transportation all working together give us what most producers do not have – ease of mind. We know what harsh chemicals can and cannot survive in relation to composting. Therefore, our methods safeguard from any and all traces of harsh chemicals or synthetics. The finished products are mature, premium, fully nature-cooperative, soil foods called Root Zone Humus. Our focus for soil fertility includes soil physics, soil biology, soil chemistry, and soil geology all working together. We understand the issues surrounding builders, growers, contractors, professionals, and conservationists in regard to sensitive eco-system stewardship. This is why we offer responsible, efficient, all-natural methods for soil and eco-system restoration.